Wednesday, November 08, 2006

My State Feels More Like "Home"

Although I did not vote for him, a Democrat will now be Arkansas' Governor. My candidate, Rod Bryan(I), did better than I had expected, and I was very happy to see his numbers as high as they were. His message was refreshing, his approach unique, and he "had me at hello."

Our Capital Office has been squatted upon for the last ten years, after Jim Guy Tucker (D) was indicted on charges during the ridiculous Whitewater smear. As many of us remember, Congress at that time took a gladiator approach in cutting down any susceptible party associated with the Clintons' rise to power, and that unfortunately included many that did not follow the entourage to D.C. Now, our soon to be former governor, Mike Huckabee, is aspiring to attain the nation's highest office...General Wesley Clark will try again, I am quite sure...and Little Rock will be set abuzz yet again by presidential hopefulls. I can't wait to see the former fat guy get chewed up and spat out. He's been so isolated here, and his ego is in need of deflation.

In other races around the state, Republicans lost every single bid for statewide office. The State House is now three-quarters Democrat, and only the 3rd Congressional District held onto a Republican incumbent. In that particular race, an unknown Democrat with little funding gave Boozman the biggest challenge he has ever encountered.

It is a good day for Arkansas. I am glad to have my state back.

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Jeannie said...

I was starting to get creepy feelings about my neighbors with all the mean rhetoric and Holt signs etc..-Wow does it feel good to wake up and know they really didn't buy into all theat mean spirited B.S. !!- It is so much better to feel like my home is more poulated by kind people than not.